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If you’re searching for Apple Valley, MN, lawn care service done right, the skilled and dedicated team at Lawn Doctor has time-tested solutions and innovative techniques to keep your lawn free of weeds and pests while creating the lush, thick lawn you’ve always wanted.

At our locally owned and operated business, we’re proud of our guaranteed results. Our unique approach is based on developing a blend of treatments that are tailored to your lawn’s specific needs in order to ensure optimal growing conditions. In addition to our full line of lawn care service, we also offer tree and shrub care as well as natural lawn care options. When you engage our services, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Hands-on customer service
  • Customized lawn care
  • Season-specific treatments

Are you ready to create a picture-perfect lawn and finally have the time to enjoy it? Then call Lawn Doctor today for a free quote or to set up an appointment for your free on-site lawn evaluation. During this helpful, no-obligation meeting, you’ll receive valuable tips on keeping your lawn healthy and learn more about our Apple Valley, MN, lawn care service.

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